BrokenSeA Audio Productions Casting Notice

BrokenSea Audio Productions

 Casting Notice

The results are in and we couldn’t be more excited!

BrokenSea Audio Productions is proud to announce the cast list for the upcoming production of:

The Thorne Chronicles by Alan Spencer


Macy Thorne – Starla Huchton

Dirk Davenport – Jeffery Ballard

Evelynn Towers – Spence Spencer

Mrs. Grace Murdock – Kim Gianopoulos

Congressman Randall Murdock – James Husum

Mr. Shade – Persephone Rose

Mr. Kalal – Steven Jay Cohen

Madam Mojo – Stefania Lintonbon

General Cartwright – Dave Morgan

Corporal Owens – August Grappin

Mrs. Goodman – Lisa Michaud

Jennifer Early – Kristen Martin

The Announcer – Dave Robison

We are very much looking forward to working with everyone on the production and expect to begin production in September.

Congratulations to everyone!